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The Remedy
Women's Retreat

To create a Liberating experience for those who

can no longer hear themselves through the noice

and remind them of their Soul’s voice.

Megan McGlover

Women Retreat

Our Speakers

Ty Shaw

Ty Shaw is a respected teacher, healer, and energy worker with a keen focus on the intersection of Spirituality and Sexuality. As an Esoteric Sexologist, Somatic Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker, Intimacy Coach, Tantrika, Priestess and Spiritual Counselor she is known internationally for her unique approach to using sexual energy for healing and self actualization.

Tierra Burrell

Tierra Burrell has been plant-based and all different varieties of vegan since long before it was a trend.  Tierra Goes Green is all about living well, living balanced and living a holistically edifying life.  A large part of her focus is to educate human beings about the impact what they are putting into their bodies has on them, both good and bad. Tierra, a fitness fanatic, believes that exercise and mental health are essential priorities to a balanced life.

Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson dedication to exploring the power of the mind led her to create a unique, energy centered, client-directed practice.   Breath is a ground breaking technique incorporating hypnosis, traditional African cultural practices, and mind training techniques with an immersive breath work experience allowing for true transformative change through expanded states of awareness. 

Britany Lynn

Coach B (Britany Lynn) is a certified Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner and owner of The Full Embrace (a healing platform). She felt her calling to help others at a very young age. After going through consecutive years of losing numerous loved ones, she was forced to face grief head on. “B” now shares her lessons and knowledge about grief, self love, purpose and other topics that has helped others.

Core Values: REMEDY


We endeavor to REMIND You of who you really are. It’s one thing to exist, it is yet another thing to LIVE. We are here to remind you that you are a member of the Universal Mind and to re-member you back into your rightful place



We place our confidence that each individual’s uniquely different initiatives are best placed in the petri dish of positivity as we seek to find their purpose.




The manner in which we conduct our events and convey awareness through intense listening, we thoroughly expect to inspire and motivate all who have found themselves stuck in their self-created behavioral patterns, exciting them to pack-up, get-up and move-up


The McGloverable Remedy is tied in with having assurance in our work as we deliver a safe space to tell your truth, connect to your passion and expand your creative vision of an illuminated self.



Talk is cheap. So the questions become; “How much are you worth? How much is your purpose worth? Are you willing to consistently focus with complete and utter determination to WIN you back?” We are dedicated in assisting and cultivating the answers for those we serve in order to nurture their success organically.

YES You!


Who is Megan McGlover

Megan McGlover is an award winning oratorical speaker, comedic mentor, healthy-culture enthusiast, and writer who has perfected the blend of comedy and truth-telling. Raised in Southern California under the strict tutelage of her mother and grandmother, Megan began her oratorical speaking career at the age of three. Since that tender age, she has appeared and spoken at enumerable engagements including; University California Irvine, UCR, UCLA, Riverside Community College, numerous Martin Luther King celebrations, NAACP ceremonies, selected key-note speaker for the honoree Dick Gregory, among so many others. She is the recipient of the “Distinctive Person of the Year” award by the NAACP, first place award winner for the National Youth Congress, and many other prestigious accommodations. For as long as Megan could speak she has mesmerized young and old alike with her distinctive tone and impressive memory. Along with her extraordinary focus, she has merged her talents into a gift of pure delight.


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