Remedy 4 U Foundation

The Secret to Living is Giving.

“Giving is the essential part of Receiving. When your hand is open there’s more room to receive.”

Our Vision

To create liberating experiences for those who can no longer hear themselves through the noise and remind them of their Soul’s purpose.

Our Mission

To be the number one advocate for self-worth by empowering individuals through accelerated methods and exclusive liberating experiences that crush barriers, uplift lives and honor the uniqueness of humanity.

The Remedy 4 U Foundation’s mission is to be the number one advocate for self-worth by empowering individuals through accelerated methods and exclusive liberating experiences that crush barriers, 

uplift lives, and honor the uniqueness of humanity.

The Remedy 4 U Foundation provides a diverse list of services, programs, and retreats to address an array of issues inhibiting peace and wellness. Some programs are designed to restore and heal, while others promote advocacy and life skills. The Remedy 4 U Foundation’s core resources are tailored to promote all 

people’s mental health and well-being.

You can significantly contribute to this mission by supporting the facilitation of The Remedy 4 U Foundation programs, services, and resource offerings which shall allow The Remedy 4 U Foundation to offer additional resources to assist a broader range of individuals. From financial support to aiding in the consistent facilitation of its programs and services, the Remedy 4 U Foundation appreciates your support!
The Remedy 4 U Foundation’s mission is bigger than its founder Megan McGlover, and they will work unwaveringly to bring affordable mental health services to marginalized individuals and communities in need.

501c3 Organization EIN# 88-3939969

Physical donations can be sent to and checks made out to:


The Remedy 4 U Foundation
c/o McGloverable Consulting, LLC
13194 HWY 301
Suite 105
Riverview, FL 33578

Our Progress

Transformative Recovery

Hundreds Rehabbed from Addiction

Renewal and Resilience

Former Inmate Mental Wellness

Breaking Trauma Chains

Thousands of Participants Healed from Trauma

Core Values


We endeavor to REMIND You of who you really are. It’s one thing to exist, it is yet another thing to LIVE. We are here to remind you that you are a member of the Universal Mind and to re-member you back into your rightful place.


We place our confidence that each individual’s uniquely different initiatives are best placed in the petri dish of positivity as we seek to find their purpose.


The manner in which we conduct our events and convey awareness through intense listening, we thoroughly expect to inspire and motivate all who have found themselves stuck in their self-created behavioral patterns, exciting them to pack-up, get-up and move-up.


Talk is cheap. So the questions become; “How much are you worth? How much is your purpose worth? Are you willing to consistently focus with complete and utter determination to WIN you back?” We are dedicated in assisting and cultivating the answers for those we serve in order to nurture their success organically.


The McGloverable Remedy is tied in with having assurance in our work as we deliver a safe space to tell your truth, connect to your passion and expand your creative vision of an illuminated self.


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Tell The Truth

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